Beginners Course
We are running a beginners course!!!
Come see us!!!
The course will run on the 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th of August starting at around 10 o'clock and ending 1 o'clock.
Check out our instagram, facebook page or email for more information.
Returning to the club.
After a successful trial we are ready to return to shooting.  
Please read the following information carefully. The booking system is currently in the WhatsApp group. Please speak to Luke to be added if you currently aren't. 
Shooting Times:  
Saturday: 12:30 - 4:30 
Tuesday and Thursday: 5.30-dusk 
First, you MUST read: 
Second please read these documents. 
Resuming Archery  
Risk Assessment 
Reading these should answer all your questions about our return and what you will have to do in order to shoot. 
If you are a new archer and have not yet had your outdoors induction please let someone know before your first session.  
Hopefully you understand how the new booking system is going to work. This is all work in progress so changes may happen. If you have any issues (I'm especially concerned that some people may continually struggle to book slots) then please, please let Luke know. The booking system and the procedures for shooting are likely to change as we go along as we find out how they work and government /AGB advice changes. We will communicate these changes as best we can  
Please do not book any further in advance than the next session.  
It would be helpful, especially to begin with, that you arrive on time at the start of the session. This will make it easier to set the range up and for the keyholder (who are now all up to speed on procedures) to brief you.  

Please see these tips about returning to Archery
1) Please read the guidelines for Archers returning to archery.  
This should give you a good idea of what to expect at BAC , but we will have our own, club specific guidelines for you to read as well. 
2) If you've not done so for a while, then put your bow together. Check and wax the string, check everything is tight and looks good to go. Check arrows are fetched etc. And you are ready to shoot. Don't be tempted to shoot it just yet though, please! 
3) Practice holding the bow. With everything attached just hold the bow in shooting position (without pulling back the string). If this is too difficult to start, then take stabilisers/sights off to begin. Try holding it for 10 secs then rest for 10secs. X10 repetitions. Doing this every day for 2 weeks will make a big difference. 
4) Reversals: WITHOUT loading an arrow, practice drawing, holding for 10secs then slowly returning the string. Rest 10secs and repeat. DO NOT release, you can damage your bow/scare yourself stupid.  
This can be done without stabilisers/sights to start with. As you get stronger increase length of time holding (and recovering). 
Don't overdo these exercises. Warm up before starting. DON'T LOAD OR SHOOT ARROWS. Doing this regularly for the next couple of weeks will make your return much more pleasant. You can assemble your bow and leave it strung for short periods of time (I find this encourages me to practice) but don't store resting on its tip or where people can muck around with it.
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