The recurve bow is usually used to introduce beginners to archery.

It is designed so the limb tips curve away from the archer, and stores more energy than a straight-limbed bow.

As recurve archers become experienced, they add more pieces of equipment to their bows, such as stabilisers to help with balance and absorb some of the vibration, sights to improve accuracy and pressure buttons to fine tune the arrow's flight.
A compound bow is a modern bow which provides maximum performance. 
Its handle is similar to the recurve bow, but has very short, powerful limbs that are attached to pully wheels and cables used to draw the limbs back 

The longbow is a traditional bow and hold huge historical significance. Longbows are hand crafted from a variety of different woods, including yew, lemonwood and hickory, or from just a single piece. 
Longbows are less accurate and are more difficult to shoot than modern bow designs - but people who shoot them say that this makes them more fun. 

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